Are You Affiliated With a Health System?

If you’re a practitioner registered to an individual DEA number, getting started with EPCS isn’t as complex as it may sound. Just follow these four steps. You can also get started by contacting your EHR software vendor.

1. Update your EHR software

  • Find out if the EHR software version that your practice uses has already been certified and approved for EPCS
  • Click the "check" button to check your EHR status with Surescripts

2. Provide proof of ID

  • Your health system's credentialing office may take on this responsibility, but sometimes ID Proofing is conducted online through companies working with your EHR
  • Check with your health system’s credentialing office for their exact requirements

3. Set up two-factor authentication

  • This double-level process ensures that only you can sign and send the controlled substance prescription to the pharmacy
  • There are various options: mobile phones, smart cards, fob tokens, USB thumb drives, and biometrics like fingerprint scanners
  • Once you’re set up, two-factor authentication requires hardly any extra effort
  • Ask your health system’s credentialing office, IT department, or medical leadership for guidance on credentials and the type of two-factor authentication method they approve

4. Implement secure access control

  • After completing the first three required action steps, your health system is now ready to set secure access controls for your EHR e-prescribing software
  • Your health system’s credentialing office will send a list of prescribers who have completed their identity proofing and have received two-factor authentication credentials to the IT department
  • The IT department will then assign EPCS access and permissions to the prescribers

Once you’ve completed these four steps, you can get started using EPCS. You, your patients and pharmacists can enjoy the safety, security and convenience of EPCS.

For information specific to your software application, always consult with your EHR vendor.

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Check Your EHR Status with Surescripts

Find out if your software is EPCS-ready.

EPCS Helps Patients and Providers

patient safety

EPCS gives you access to your patient’s prescription history to help identify potential overuse. Abuse due to fraud can also be curtailed.

prescription process

There’s no need to change your workflow. EPCS lets you keep prescribing from within your EHR and can help improve workflow efficiency for prescribers and pharmacies.


EPCS provides accountability and security when prescribing controlled substances without sacrificing convenience. It’s a powerful tool for tackling the nation’s opioid crisis.